Jesus was hungry

After not eating for forty days, Jesus was hungry. When you read it in isolation it seems like such an understatement. My stomach is growling now, barely three hours after my last meal. He’s not just hungry, he is famished: literally, he is craving food.

John Wycliffe

On Wycliffe, the Morning Star of the Reformation

When papal darkness over our isleIts dim diffusion spread,Then Romish priests, by subtle wiles,The ignorant misled. Then gospel light did faintly shine,And few beheld its rays,Till mercy shot her beams divine,And did a Wycliffe raise.

human hand

The convinced sinner fleeing to Christ

Lord, having broke thy holy law,I blush and am ashamed.My frozen heart begins to thaw,And I am self-condemned. But in the volume of thy wordI see some sweet relief:I would believe thy gospel, Lord,Help thou my unbelief!

shallow focus photography of white flowers

An evening hymn

To the dear Guardian of my hours,An evening song shall rise;Assist me, ye celestial powers,And bless this sacrifice. Thy mercies, Lord, are ever new,Thy goodness, O how great!Who can refund the honours due,Or equal thanks repeat?

mountain during golden hour

A Morning Hymn

Great God of nature, heavenly KingBeneath whose awful sway,The cheerful sun, with rapid wing,Directs the flying day. My waking soul, with upward eyeSalutes the dawning light;Blesses the ruler of the sky,And glories in his might.

The place called Hell

All words have particular meanings but some words are spoken so frequently as to pass into common usage as verbal punctuation. In particular, I’m thinking of the word hell. It gets used in a variety of methods, and is used so commonly as verbal punctuation, that most have lost sight …

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Counting the cost

Everything in life has a price, but have you ever thought about the cost of Christian discipleship? Is there a monetary value placed upon it? If you’d only watched some of the prosperity gospel preachers on TV, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the cost of Christian discipleship was similar …

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Answered prayer

In 1990, singer Garth Brooks had a very popular song entitled “Unanswered Prayers.” It was the follow up to “Friends in Low Places” which had dominated the American Country Music charts in the last quarter of the year. In the song, the singer realises that it was good that God …

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What do you know?

We live in an age when information is available to all and sundry. Some would say that we have too much information at hand. Just look at your smartphone. It has more computing power than the computers that took the first astronauts to the moon and back 50 years ago. Google …

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