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The convinced sinner fleeing to Christ

Lord, having broke thy holy law,I blush and am ashamed.My frozen heart begins to thaw,And I am self-condemned. But in the volume of thy wordI see some sweet relief:I would believe thy gospel, Lord,Help thou my unbelief! I own I have myself destroyed,And feel the festering wound;Yet in that word would I …
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Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, USA

I recently had an opportunity to learn more about the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, USA from its president, Zac Neubauer. There are some exciting developments going on in the broader evangelical/Anglican world, and I hope this interview will encourage you and show you how you can be a …
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shallow focus photography of white flowers

An evening hymn

To the dear Guardian of my hours,An evening song shall rise;Assist me, ye celestial powers,And bless this sacrifice. Thy mercies, Lord, are ever new,Thy goodness, O how great!Who can refund the honours due,Or equal thanks repeat? Day follows day, yet still thy love,With unremitting care,Distils in favours from above,And men the blessings …
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J.C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle on preaching Christ

If there is no salvation excepting by Christ, we must not be surprised if ministers of the gospel preach much about Him. They cannot tell us too much about the name which is above every name. We cannot hear of Him too much. We may hear too much about controversy …
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mountain during golden hour

A Morning Hymn

Great God of nature, heavenly KingBeneath whose awful sway,The cheerful sun, with rapid wing,Directs the flying day. My waking soul, with upward eyeSalutes the dawning light;Blesses the ruler of the sky,And glories in his might. Thy goodness shines, Almighty Lord,In each revolving hour;Who would not reverence thy word,And shelter in thy power? Adorn …
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grayscale photography of parish

Is there an Anglican Church?

I sometimes hear folks refer to “the Anglican Church”. Is there such a thing? No. There is no Anglican Church. There is no Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, or Methodist Church. These are families of churches. There are certainly Baptist and Presbyterian and Methodist churches, but those churches are not monolithic. Neither is …
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