Einstein’s religion

Alister McGrath discusses the religious views of Albert Einstein in this video clip from The Institute of Art and Ideas.


Hymn: Forever with the Lord

Forever with the Lord! Amen, so let it be:Life from the dead is in that word, ’Tis immortality. Here in the body pent, Absent from Him I roam;Yet…


Hymn: When along life’s thorny road

When along life’s thorny roadFaints the soul beneath the load,By its cares and sins oppreet,Finds on earth no peace or rest :When the wily tempter’s near,Filling us with…


Hymn: Our times are in Thy hand

Our times are in Thy hand, O God we wish them there;Our life, our friends, our souls we leave Entirely to thy care. Our times are in Thy…

Michael Green

Remembering the evangelist Michael Green

A year after Michael Green’s death, we remember his work for the gospel in this reflection from Matthew Fearon. An unconventional approach to evangelism was entirely in keeping…


Hymn: Give to the winds thy fears

Give to the winds thy fears, Hope, and be undismayed;God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears, God shall lift up thy head. Through waves, and clouds, and…

James Ussher

Preaching the Scriptures

Let not every wanton wit be permitted to bring what fancies he list into the pulpit, and to disturb things that have been well ordered. James Ussher, “A…