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The purpose of this site is to promote confessional Anglicanism.

Remaining faithful to the Reformed confession of the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion sometimes means Anglican evangelicals have more in common with other evangelicals than with other Anglicans. Thus, while our site content is primarily focused on Anglican resources, we also include other valuable Protestant and Reformed materials.

We affirm that …

  • Anglicanism is biblical, Protestant, Reformed, confessional, and evangelical.
  • The Articles of Religion (1571) is the confessional statement of Anglicanism.
  • The Book of Common Prayer (1552/1662) is the liturgical standard of Anglicanism.
  • Confessional Anglicans are free to associate with like-minded evangelicals of other Protestant and Reformed traditions.

Content featured here originates from a variety of sources, and the creators retain rights to use of their materials unless otherwise noted. The site is intended for an international audience, using the English language.

You may find links to various websites, articles, and other items throughout the site. We do not endorse everything connected to those links. Occasionally, writers who disagree with our affirmations may be invited to provide opposing views for readers’ enlightenment, interaction with Anglican standards, or for a responsive dialog with confessional writers. Similarly, readers from a variety of backgrounds are not excluded from this site because of their disagreement with our confessional affirmations.

Comment Policy

Site moderators closely monitor comments. We reserve the right to edit, delete, or otherwise censor comments or ban users from commenting.

Please refrain from leaving a comment that …

  • is unrelated to the content on which you wish to comment.
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  • encourages or engages in illegal activity.
  • is abusive, threatening, racist, or profane.

Generally, we will not edit comments in such a manner as to alter meaning, but we may edit for brevity, to correct links, or to resolve site errors. We may also remove a portion of a comment that violates our policies, leaving the remainder of the comment that is acceptable.

Note that it is our general editorial policy not to exclude from discussion those who disagree with our confessional affirmations. However, commenting may be disabled on select content.

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Terms of Use

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