grayscale photo of human eye

Thoughts on a transient sight of God in his holiness and purity

When thou dost lead me forth, O Lord,
To take a view of thee,
To see the beauty of thy word,
Thy fixed and firm decree:

To see thy holiness so bright,
That far outshines the sun,
Exceeds the glory of that light,
Which through the world doth run,

When I behold thee as thou art,
So holy and so pure,
And all complete in every part,
In thine own self secure;

I see thou didst not creatures need,
Thy glory to fulfill;
But creatures, Lord, thou savest indeed,
Because it is thy will.

O this did make my heart to bleed
To see Christ die for me;
And that his blood he spilt indeed,
That he my soul might free.

By a daughter of Zion. Published in The Gospel Magazine, February 1766.

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