Father and Child

The believer’s song of praise for adoption

What shall I render, Lord, to thee
For thy surprising grace,
That thou hast made my soul to see
Thy reconciled face.

That I, who was with stains of sin
So horridly defiled,
Should thus be washed and taken in
For thine adopted child.

When nothing but a bath divine,
Of Jesus’ dying blood,
Could fit this leprous soul of mine
To stand before my God.

Yet this, even this was not withheld
To ransom me when lost;
Thy Saviour’s love my guilt expelled,
Though his own blood it cost.

Blest be the Father who bestowed
This glorious gift so free:
Blest be the eternal Son of God
Who gave himself for me.

Blest be the Spirit of his grace
That sealed my pardon sure,
And made me willing to embrace
What Jesus did procure.

Now to the great mysterious Three,
And everlasting One;
Who thus agreed to ransom me,
Be endless honours done.

Author unattributed. Published in The Gospel Magazine, January 1766.