silhouette of man sitting on the edge of a cross during sunset

The cross of Christ the Christian’s glory

Behold the words of Christ fulfilled!
His promise is made good we see,
That as he was on earth reviled,
So must our faithful followers be.

Since he, the master of the house,
The prince of devils here was deemed,
Then sure his servants cannot choose
But be as ill by men esteemed.

Lo, the disciple cannot be
Above his master, saith the word;
Nor can the servant hope to see
More friendly treatment than his Lord.

Natural affection melts away
By heat of persecuting breath:
The parent will the child betray,
The brother seek the brother’s death.

And shall we hence desert the cause,
Through fear of suffering shame and loss;
Trample upon our Maker’s law,
To shun the terrors of the cross?

Forbid it, O thou sovereign Lord!
Nor let us fear to follow thee;
But, firmly trusting in thy word,
As thou wast here, so let us be.

Strengthened by thine almighty power,
May we relinquish all we have;
With patience meet the trying hour,
Nor basely seek our lives to save.

Let not, O Lord, thy servant dread
With thee and thine to suffer loss;
But in thy footsteps let him tread,
And cheerfully take up the cross.

No greater honours can we share,
No higher glory here partake,
Than be thought worthy thus to bear
Shame and reproach for Jesus’ sake.

Away with worldly pomp and pride!
Mammon, away with all thy dross!
With Christ our souls are satisfied;
We glory in his hallowed cross.

J.M. Published in The Gospel Magazine, July 1766.