Daniel J. Sparks


  • Daniel J. Sparks

    An Anglican minister, teacher, speaker, and writer, Daniel has served as a parish pastor, military chaplain, and hospital chaplain, and bishop. He is editor of Confessing Anglicans.

Hymn: A little while

“A little while,” our Lord shall come,And we shall wander here no more;He’ll take us to our Father’s home,Where He for us has gone before. ̶... Read more.

Hymn: We’ll sing of Christ

We’ll sing of Christ, no matter who Should disapprove the theme:When He is precious in our view, We can’t but sing of Him. And He is precious in the sig... Read more.

Hymn: Forever with the Lord

Forever with the Lord! Amen, so let it be:Life from the dead is in that word, ’Tis immortality. Here in the body pent, Absent from Him I roam;Yet nightly pitc... Read more.

Hymn: Our times are in Thy hand

Our times are in Thy hand, O God we wish them there;Our life, our friends, our souls we leave Entirely to thy care. Our times are in Thy hand, Whatever they may... Read more.
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