Hymn: What cheering words are these

What cheering words are these;
Their sweetness who can tell?
In time and to eternal days,
“ ‘Tis with the righteous well.”

In every state secure,
Kept as Jehovah’s eye,
‘Tis well with them while life endures,
And well when called to die.

Well when they see His face,
Or sink amidst the flood;
Well in affliction’s thorny maze,
Or on the mount with God.

‘Tis well when joys arise,
‘Tis well when sorrows flow,
’Tis well when darkness veils the skies,
And strong temptations grow.

’Tis well when Jesus calls,
“From earth and sin arise,
To join the hosts of ransomed souls,
Made to salvation wise.”

John Kent

This hymn is from J. C. Ryle’s little book Spiritual Songs, published in 1849, when he was rector of Helmingham, Suffolk. The hymns Ryle selected were not found in the most common hymnbooks of the day.

Suggested tune: Vigil (St. Alban’s / Holborn).

Download a .pdf file of the hymnal.

Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

Isaiah 3:10


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