Daniel J. Sparks


  • Daniel J. Sparks

    An Anglican minister, teacher, speaker, and writer, Daniel has served as a parish pastor, military chaplain, and hospital chaplain, and bishop. He is editor of Confessing Anglicans.

God shows himself

God keeps me ever mindful of him. When I rise in the morning, when I open a book, when I turn a corner, God is there—his face in mine.... Read more.

C. S. Lewis and the church

Perhaps no other man had more influence on Christianity in the 20th Century. His lectures, arguments, writings, and life are still today scrutinized and review... Read more.

Is there an Anglican Church?

I sometimes hear folks refer to “the Anglican Church”. Is there such a thing? No. There is no Anglican Church. There is no Baptist Church, Presbyter... Read more.
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