Chris Pierce


The place called Hell

All words have particular meanings but some words are spoken so frequently as to pass into common usage as verbal punctuation. In particular, I’m thinking of ... Read more.

Counting the cost

Everything in life has a price, but have you ever thought about the cost of Christian discipleship? Is there a monetary value placed upon it? If you’d only wa... Read more.

Answered prayer

In 1990, singer Garth Brooks had a very popular song entitled “Unanswered Prayers.” It was the follow up to “Friends in Low Places” which had dominated ... Read more.

What do you know?

We live in an age when information is available to all and sundry. Some would say that we have too much information at hand. Just look at your smartphone. It h... Read more.

Who is Jesus?

Everyone has an idea about Jesus Christ, but not everyone has a true understanding of him. Many think of him as merely a good teacher. Some view him as nothing ... Read more.

Carried over the rough spots

No one likes rough spots–well, at least bad ones. Unrelenting anguish, whether it be physical or mental is not enjoyable. We’ve all probably known someo... Read more.
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