Chris Pierce

Chris Pierce is an Anglican minister in Northern Ireland.

Introducing the 39 Articles: Background

This brief video is the first in a series that introduces the content of the Articles of Religion of the Church of England. This presentation was made to a congregation of the Church of Ireland, which also adopted the Articles.

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Dealing with doubts

How does one deal with doubts as they arise? As time goes by, do you waffle, or do you remember that God is not like us and that, where we are changeable, he is utterly unchanging; when we are sometimes like a weather vane, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever?

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Remembering you

How will you be remembered? What do I mean? I mean, when your eyes close in death, how will those you’ve known remember you? Will it be with a warm smile of joy, sparked by the way you touched their life, or a glad it’s over expression because you are no longer causing trouble?

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Which Jesus?

Recently, someone sent me copy of a cartoon by Adam Ford, one of my favourite cartoonists. He is a Christian cartoonist. I’m sure there are other cartoonists who are Christian, but Ford’s work focuses on the Christian faith. The cartoon I received was entitled “Which Jesus do you serve?”. Almost everyone …

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A question of love

You’ve probably heard the saying that modern times call for modern solutions. On one level, that statement is true. You would not expect someone who only knows about typewriters to sort out a software glitch in a modern word processing programme. Likewise, you wouldn’t expect someone who only reads and …

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Communication problems

Most of us have tried having talking with someone and realised our words were like water rolling off a duck’s back. The other person heard our words but did not understand them the way we meant. No matter how we tried to explain our position, the other person was just not …

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Such a good heart

Don’t you just hate it when people try to sugar-coat bad behaviour? Someone can commit any number of offenses–exhibit rudeness or pride, be vindictive, covetous, or contentious–and yet there will be those who pronounce with great solemnity, “But he has (or had) such a good heart!” and all is to …

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