The historicity of the resurrection

In this Open House podcast episode, Dr. Paul Barnett discusses the historical background of Easter. He addresses some of the literary, archaeological, and biblical evidences of the resurrection of Jesus.

Weakness is the Way

In this brief video, J. I. Packer reflects on human weakness and frailty and what it means to be a child of God.

Trevin Wax on the prayer book

In this brief video from, Trevin Wax reflects on the significance of the Book of Common Prayer and how it has been helpful in practicing a discipline of prayer. Trevin Wax serves as Senior Vice President of Theology and Communications at LifeWay Christian Resources and has authored numerous books.

Einstein’s religion

Alister McGrath discusses the religious views of Albert Einstein in this video clip from The Institute of Art and Ideas.

Preaching the Scriptures

Let not every wanton wit be permitted to bring what fancies he list into the pulpit, and to disturb things that have been well ordered. James Ussher, “A sermon at St. Margaret’s Church (1621)” in James Ussher and a Reformed Episcopal Church

The disability of sin

The truth … is that in many respects, and certainly in spiritual matters, we are all weak and inadequate, and we need to face it. Sin, which disrupts all relationships, has disabled us all across the board. We need to be aware of our limitations and to let this awareness …

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Preaching Christ

To speak of an ordinance, a sacrament, any means of grace, even the Holy Scriptures of truth, as if they were in any sense the power unto salvation, or as if they contained, whatever its original source, the grace by which we live unto God, thus leading men to look …

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