green grass field under blue sky during daytime

When we survey the eternal God

When we survey the eternal God,
As nature’s spring and bliss;
What wonders doth the scene afford;
And God, how great he is!

But in the gospel of rich grace,
His love appears so bright;
A thousand wonders here we trace,
With rapture and delight.

The table of his grace is spread,
With blessings, rich and free;
And many hungry souls are fed,
And live eternally.

To us, the sound of grace is come,
We hear the voice of God;
For worthless sinners there is room,
In the Redeemer’s blood.

“All things are ready; come to me;
I’m ready to receive;
My blood can cleanse and set thee free,
And peace and comfort give.”

Unattributed. Published in The Gospel Magazine, September 1766.

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