5 thoughts on “Cranmer on the biblical view of salvation”

  1. I think we have that natural bent to ‘do, in order to be someone or accepted in the Beloved. We can’t conceive of just receiving by faith what the Lord has done for us on the cross. It is like the galatians Christians, bewitched by judaizers with their Jesus Plus trip.Part of our curse was that we ate off the ‘Do, to be tree’in the fall in the garden, we have to be doing to be instead of just being a human, walking in God’s Grace.

  2. yet I am still trying to understand this tradition thing that was supposedly handed down from the apostles to our church fathers that they hold to be as important as holy scriptures. I think they say that the Bible was passed down verbally along with traditions that need to be held to so I’m still trying to figure this one out.

  3. Michael W. Stewart

    The Thief on the Cross ( Luke 23:32-43 ) eliminates both Romish penance / obedience / magesterum requirement for salvation as well as that of today’s evangelical Calvinists who preach a similar penance / Lordship / morality requirement which are distinct post-salvation issues the new believer faces. Works-salvation dilutes the purity of the Gospel and forever blots out Christ’s instant gift of salvation to the thief who called out to Him that fateful afternoon, a biblical passage few pastors/priests teach because of the grace narrative throughout: the Thief could not join a church, repent, walk an aisle or ticket punch the various denominational front-loaded eternal life requirements . He did only what the Son accepted on Golgotha: “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thall shalt be saved.”

  4. I have been reflecting and reading about the New Covenant and the implications of striving for approval of men and .god versus being a sinner saved by grace. Both sides in this election cycle implied Gods favor, if you followed their champion, assuming alignment with their cause a sign of righteousness before God, the virtue signaling has made me nauseous.

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