Church History, Part 10: Papias & Diognetus

The Rev. Adam Young teaches through the history of the church in this video.

“Closing out the works known as The Apostolic Fathers we have two writings whose inclusion owes more to tradition than logic–Papias because all we know of him comes from fragments kept by 4th Century church historian Eusebius and others, and The Epistle to Diognetus because it would more properly belong to the writings known as the Early Church Apologists which includes authors such as Justin Martyr and Tatian. Nonetheless, both these writings contain valuable insights into the earliest church. Papias speaks of the importance of oral testimony over written testimony and has some curious things to say on the writings of the Gospels. He also weighs in on the earliest church’s understanding of the End Times and return of Christ to rule and reign. On the other hand “The Epistle to Diognetus” testifies to the desire to not only stop Roman persecution but bring Romans to faith in Jesus. It includes fascinating rhetoric on a wide range of topics, especially the Great Exchange of the cross which wins us salvation through faith.”

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