Called to be saints

In this sermon, Roger Salter examines Romans 1:1-7, addressing the importance of the Bible as the source of Christian doctrine and our need for Christ the Savior.

“How can we go so long in our lives without attention to the word of God; without it being the priority in our lives; without feeding from the divine truth with regularity and diligence and patience, using our minds as God intended them to be used? The description of Christ: his credentials, the fact that he is appointed by God, that he is worthy of the task assigned to him… If we don’t know the need of our own souls, we’ll never appreciate the Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll turn him into something else other than the Son of God and Saviour; a great teacher, a great moralist, great this, great that… As C.S. Lewis says, Jesus is either the Son of God or mad or bad. There’s no great man concerning Jesus Christ unless we consider him as the divine Son of God in the flesh.”


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