Michael Green on preaching and evangelism

In this brief video, Michael Green discusses preaching as a method of evangelism. “Michael Green, Honorary Fellow, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, answers the question ‘Is preaching still an important means of evangelism?’ related to his talk ‘Preaching Evangelistically in the Local Church’ given at the 2016 European Leadership Forum.”

Preaching Christ

In this video from the Centre for Biblical Preaching, Andrew Reid and Peter Adam respond to questions about preaching from Mike Raiter. They discuss how Christ figures into each sermon.

Preaching the Scriptures

Let not every wanton wit be permitted to bring what fancies he list into the pulpit, and to disturb things that have been well ordered. James Ussher, “A sermon at St. Margaret’s Church (1621)” in James Ussher and a Reformed Episcopal Church

Charles Pettit McIlvaine

Preaching Christ

To speak of an ordinance, a sacrament, any means of grace, even the Holy Scriptures of truth, as if they were in any sense the power unto salvation, or as if they contained, whatever its original source, the grace by which we live unto God, thus leading men to look …

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