Author: Confessing Anglicans

John Stott on preaching

John Stott reflects on the state of preaching and preachers in this short video from Langham Partnership.


Hymn: What cheering words are these

What cheering words are these; Their sweetness who can tell?In time and to eternal days, “ ‘Tis with the righteous well.” In every state secure, Kept as Jehovah’s…

Trevin Wax on the prayer book

In this brief video from, Trevin Wax reflects on the significance of the Book of Common Prayer and how it has been helpful in practicing a discipline…


Hymn: Faint not, Christian, though the road

Faint not, Christian, though the road, Leading to thy blest abode,Darksome be, and dangerous too— Christ, thy guide, will bring thee through. Faint not, Christian, though in rage,…


Hymn: Rejoice ye saints, rejoice and praise

Rejoice ye saints, rejoice and praise The blessings of redeeming grace;Jesus, your everlasting tower, Mocks at the angry tempest’s power. His love’s a refuge ever nigh, His watchfulness…


Hymn: No condemnation

No condemnation ! O my soul, ’Tis God that speaks the word:Perfect in comeliness art thou, In Christ thy glorious Lord. In heaven His blood for ever speaks,…